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Summary0004083: fvModels: lookup a variable within a coded source term
DescriptionConfiguration considered: multiphaseEuler, multicomponent fluids, mass transfer between the phases.
Let's assume the liquid phase consists of two species "air" and "water" as given in turorial "bubbleColumnEvaporatingDissolving". In addition there is a passive scalar called "scalar.liquid" for which a transport equation is solved using phaseScalarTransport functionObject.

We also assume that a coded source term is added to the transport equation of a species (water.liquid) and to the transport eqiation of the passive scalar (scalar.liquid), i.e. there are two coded source terms defined in fvModels. Next assumption: both source terms depend on a variable "myVar". If "myVar" is defined only within the coded source term of species ("water.liquid") transport equation and it is lookup within the coded source term of passive scalar ('scalar.liquid') transport equation, the simulation crashes:

    request for volScalarField myVar.liquid from objectRegistry region0 failed
    available objects of type volScalarField are

If I do it vice versa: "myVar" is defiend within the coded source term of the passive scalar ("scalar.liquid") transport equation and it is lookup within the coded source term of species (water.lquid) transport equation, the simulation works fine.

I am attaching a test case (based on bubbleColumnEvaporatingDissolving tutorial) that demonstrates this issue. This report is for your information; I am not sure if it is a bug or a missing feature.
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2024-05-23 11:19

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This is a usage issue, not a bug.

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