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0004043OpenFOAMBugpublic2023-12-20 10:24
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Fixed in Version11 
Summary0004043: wrong results for the solver module "solid" for nNonOrthogonalCorrectors > 0 due to not updating the temperature field
DescriptionThe current implementation of the thermophysicalPredictor of the solid solver looks like this:

void Foam::solvers::solid::thermophysicalPredictor()
    volScalarField& e = thermo_.he();
    const volScalarField& rho = thermo_.rho();

    while (pimple.correctNonOrthogonal())
        fvScalarMatrix eEqn
            fvm::ddt(rho, e)
          + thermophysicalTransport->divq(e)
            fvModels().source(rho, e)


The line thermo_.correct(); is outside of the nonorthogonality corrector loop. This is however a problem: thermo_.correct() will correct the temperature field using the internal energy/enthalphy field (in the esiest case just as T = e/Cv). The temperature field will however also be used in assembling the system for the energy equation, specifically inside of thermophysicalTransport->divq(e). For example for the isotropic model divq(e) returns -fvc::laplacian(kappa(), thermo.T()) - fvm::laplacianCorrection(kappa()/thermo.Cv(), e).
In short, the temperature field is used for assembling the system, but not updated every loop iteration. This causes wrong results.

thermo_.correct(); needs to be moved inside of the while loop. I've already tested this and the results look correct
Steps To ReproduceExample case attached. Change nNonOrthogonalCorrectors to 0 to see the difference. Change nOuterCorrectors to value > 1 to see that the problem is specifically caused by the nonorthogonality corrector loop.
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2023-12-20 10:24

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Resolved in OpenFOAM-11 by commit c46acc5d125510d78f9f7d17d46d3a6dd1c1bd7a
Resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit 3c347ca566f16112fb8c756aec0423b907338d2d

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