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0004020OpenFOAMBugpublic2023-10-05 12:42
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Fixed in Version11 
Summary0004020: shockFluid crashes with NCC

running the module shockFluid with a case set up with NCC results in a crash at the beginning of the first time step in fluxPredictor(). It seems that the interpolation schemes for U/rho/T are responsible for this. Normaly, they are set to vanLeer or vanAlbada (which both lead to a crash). Setting them to linear runs fine.

This did not happen with a identical case in OpenFOAM 10, but does occur both in OpenFOAM 11 and dev.
Steps To ReproduceTake the annularThermalMixer tutorial case from the fluid module and supply additional settings required for the shockFluid module, such as diagonal solver for rho*, interpolation schemes for T, rho and U, (vanLeer preferebly) and update the thermo settings to sensibleInternalEnergy.
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2023-10-04 14:27

manager   ~0013135

Do you have a case setup to reproduce the problem?


2023-10-04 14:52

reporter   ~0013136

Sure, here it is based on annularThermalMixer. Just execute the Allrun script. (834,375 bytes)


2023-10-05 12:42

manager   ~0013138

Resolved in OpenFOAM-11 by commit 87a006fd533cf89773f302c8f0023bb94dcba16b
Resolved in OpenFOAM-dev by commit 084bd015f13611a99084352ee94566931f547eea

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