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0004013OpenFOAMBugpublic2023-09-05 08:33
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Summary0004013: renumberMesh run in parallel destroys the mesh with NCC
DescriptionIf renumberMesh is run in parallel, it destroys the mesh ordering if the mesh has NCC patches.
Steps To ReproduceAdd “runParallel renumberMesh -overwrite” here: to see the problem.
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2023-09-02 22:12

reporter   ~0013109

Try decompose first, then renumberMesh and only after that nonConformalCoupling. By doing this, other operations follow your new renumbering. You may need to call topoSet in parallel again.

# Decompose
runApplication decomposePar -cellProc
runParallel renumberMesh -noFields -overwrite
# Create couples
runApplication createNonConformalCouples -overwrite pipeNonCouple ballNonCouple # Run
runParallel $(getApplication);


2023-09-02 22:30

reporter   ~0013110

Ok, I tested this myself and you can forget the above idea. The issue was that renumberMesh changes the 0 dir boundary conditions (the #include constraints are omitted). To avoid this, either
 a) use -noZero flag for the renumberMeshThen
 b) copy zero dir content into processor dirs by "runApplication -a decomposePar -fields -copyZero "

So either
runParallel renumberMesh -noZero -noFields -overwrite


runParallel renumberMesh -noFields -overwrite
# Copy the fields into the processor directories
runApplication -a decomposePar -fields -copyZero


2023-09-02 22:33

reporter   ~0013111

The above approach is also utilised in tutorial


2023-09-05 08:33

manager   ~0013115

The rule of thumb you have to follow with `createNonConformalCouples`, is that it has to happen after *all* mesh changes. That includes refinement, create/split baffles, renumbering, and many more operations. You do it last, just before running the solver. The only exceptions are decompose and reconstruct, which you can do whenever you like.

User support.

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