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0003996OpenFOAMBugpublic2023-07-13 12:07
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PlatformUnixOSOtherOS Version13.4.1
Product Version11 
Summary0003996: Followed the installation but something is missing
DescriptionI have followed this web page: up to step 6.

The shell script 'openfoam11-macos' is on my machine and executable; but when I try to launch a docker container, the shell script runs and, with any option but '-h' I simply get the message 'No directory exists:'

It's as if there is something that should have happened or that there is something I should have not done which is not clear from the web-page.

I have Openfoam10 running, installed the same way, and that launches a docker container each time.

My machine is an M1 Mac
Steps To ReproduceSee description above
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