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0003964OpenFOAMBugpublic2023-03-16 16:26
Reporterblttkgl Assigned Tohenry  
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Summary0003964: deltaT goes to very small values in aachenBomb tutorial
DescriptionIn OpenFOAM-dev, the aachenBomb tutorial cannot be run to completion due to janafThermo limits going out of bounds, and the time step going below 1e-12 with default settings. The same tutorial can be run in e.g., OpenFOAM-9 to completion without making any changes. I am unfortunately not sure about the root cause of this issue, but able to replicate it. I am including logs for both serial and parallel runs.
Steps To Reproducerun aachenBomb tutorial in either serial or parallel.
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2023-03-16 11:11


log.foamRun_serial (407,610 bytes)
log.foamRun_parallel (1,116,519 bytes)


2023-03-16 15:01

manager   ~0012964

I am not able to reproduce the problem, I have the aachenBomb tutorial case running in OpenFOAM-10 and OpenFOAM-dev and the behaviour is almost identical, no problem with the time-step.


2023-03-16 16:04

reporter   ~0012965

I tested again now, and problem does not exist in v10 either, but I can replicate it on my dev compilation. I have the dev-a94eeaa576f7 build currently compiled (Dec 9 22). I can try out with the latest dev to see if it was something that was fixed in between. Will update as soon as I can.


2023-03-16 16:26

manager   ~0012966

If you test OpenFOAM-dev it makes no sense to report problems with anything other than with the latest commit. Your OpenFOAM-dev is from last year!!! You should have included the date of the OpenFOAM-dev you are running in the report and then we would have told you to update the latest and run the test again. Without this information we assumed you are running the latest OpenFOAM-dev.

Please do not waste our time in this manner!!!


2023-03-16 16:26

manager   ~0012967

Reported a problem with an old version of OpenFOAM-dev without including this information in the report -- time waster.

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