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0003959OpenFOAMBugpublic2023-02-22 15:16
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Summary0003959: foamDictionary cannot set entries in wildcarded subDicts
DescriptionI have a fvSolution Dict containing a definition for both PISO and PIMPLE solvers:

    transonic no;
    nOuterCorrectors 1;
    nCorrectors 2;
    nNonOrthogonalCorrectors 0;
    momentumPredictor yes;

When querying any entry in this subDict using foamDictionary I get the correct result, e.g.:
foamDictionary system/fvSolution -entry PIMPLE/transonic --> transonic no;

Trying to change an entry using set yields and error:
foamDictionary system/fvSolution -entry PIMPLE/transonic -set no

keyword PIMPLE is undefined in dictionary "system/fvSolution" or is not a dictionary
Valid keywords are
file: system/fvSolution from line 10 to line 38.

    From function const Foam::dictionary& Foam::dictionary::scopedDict(const Foam::word&) const
    in file db/dictionary/dictionary.C at line 1093.

FOAM exiting

Is this intended behavior or should foamDictionary be able to understand wildcards?


On another note: I noticed that the dot access for subDicts seems to be no longer supported. At least, the call
foamDictionarysystem/fvSolution -entry PIMPLE.transonic -set no --> New entry PIMPLE.transonic no;
results in a new entry in the dict, no access into a subDict.

From other issues that I found, I assume that this is actually intended behavior. However, a clear error message on this usage might help during migration.
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2023-02-22 14:03

manager   ~0012955


foamDictionary system/fvSolution -entry '(PIMPLE|PISO)/transonic' -set no
It works for me in OpenFOAM-dev and OpenFOAM-10


2023-02-22 15:05

reporter   ~0012956

foamDictionary system/fvSolution -entry '(PIMPLE|PISO)/transonic' -set no
foamDictionary system/fvSolution -entry "(PIMPLE|PISO)/transonic" -set no
foamDictionary system/fvSolution -entry '(PIMPLE|PISO)'/transonic -set no

all work fine. Thanks!

I tried something like foamDictionary system/fvSolution -entry \"\(PIMPLE\|PISO\)\"/transonic -set no which does fail with keyword "(PIMPLE|PISO)" is undefined in dictionary


2023-02-22 15:16

manager   ~0012957

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