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0003950OpenFOAMBugpublic2023-01-21 11:28
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Summary0003950: paraFoam not working after updating Paraview to 5.10.1
DescriptionAfter installing the update to paraview, I can no longer use the paraFoam command to launch Paraview. However, it can be launched using paraFoam -builtin.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install openFoam 10 on Ubuntu (prior to installing the patch paraFoam worked fine)
2. Intsall patch as per to update Paraview to 5.10.1
3. Attempt to launch paraview with the command paraFoam. Receive error message below in additional information.
4. Launch paraview with the command paraFoam -builtin. Paraview launches.
Additional InformationError message when attempting to launch paraFoam:
FATAL ERROR: The official reader module for OpenFOAM data does not exist on
your system. This means that the version of ParaView you are using was not
compiled with OpenFOAM, or distributed with a packaged version of OpenFOAM.

For information on packaged versions of OpenFOAM/ParaView and compilation of
OpenFOAM/ParaView, see

Alternatively, you might be able to view your OpenFOAM data with the reader
module provided with ParaView by running:
    paraFoam -builtin
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2023-01-21 09:44

manager   ~0012933

Which version of Ubuntu are you running?


2023-01-21 09:59

manager   ~0012934

No need to respond to the previous question.
I found that the reader modules did not get compiled on Ubuntu 22.04 and 22.10.
Am rebuilding the packs now and will upload to the repository shortly...


2023-01-21 11:28

manager   ~0012935

The faulty package has been deleted and replaced.
Because it is a replacement with the same version number, I suggest deleting the faulty one:

apt purge openfoam10

then do an update of the repository and install the replacement

apt update
apt install openfoam10

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