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0003941OpenFOAMBugpublic2022-12-12 19:02
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Summary0003941: Website documentation issue
DescriptionI've just started reading the documentation on Windows and ran into a minor but irritating usability issue.

Hitting the page down key scrolled down a page as expected, but hitting the page up key scrolled up but then immediately loads the previous topic. This happens in both Chrome 108 and Firefox 107.
Steps To Reproduce1. Load documentation URL in browser:
2. Navigate to a child page.
3. Hit page up key and the previous topic loads.
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2022-12-11 23:01

manager   ~0012917

The keyboard buttons work as follows:
+ Up/Down arrows: Scrolls up/down a page
+ Right arrow: Next Page
+ Left arrow: Previous Page
+ Page Up: Jumps up one level, e.g. from Section to Chapter to Contents to Front Page

It was an attempt to provide helpful navigation keyboard buttons for an HTML document that spans multiple pages and with different levels.
If there is a standard way of doing this, or another document to use as an example, please suggest something.
We need to be aware that if it is changed, it might irritate another user.


2022-12-12 14:31

reporter   ~0012918

I'm not going to start bikeshedding over keyboard shortcuts, so I'll just note my thoughts once and leave it to you. I understand the attempt to make navigation quicker and keyboard-only, but I think the choice for page up/down doesn't work well for that:

1. I think your breakdown shows what people implicitly expect, which is that each key and its complement should behave symmetrically. That page up/down aren't symmetric was very surprising. If you're going to override a standard key press behaviour, I think at the very least some kind of symmetry should be preserved.
2. While page up does make it quick to navigate up a level, there is no longer a quick way to navigate *within* a page from the keyboard. That's what page up/down typically do on the rest of the web. If I page down to find a section but accidentally go too far, there's no way to go up a page height, I have to hold down the arrow key or use the faster scroll wheel, so I end up just using the scroll wheel for all navigation within a page so I don't have to keep switching/moving my hands. Scroll wheel is much slower than page up/down and has higher chance of triggering RSI.
3. Navigating within a page is probably far more common than navigating up a level, so it seems odd to prioritize an infrequent operation over the immediate content.

If I were approaching this from scratch and wanted to provide a keyboard shortcut for up a level I'd probably do a CTRL+PAGE UP, or maybe CTRL+UP ARROW since you're using up arrow for a similar kind of navigation already.

If you want to keep the current behaviour, a good compromise might be to provide a downloadable PDF of the user guide since that will have the usual keyboard navigation behaviour. That's all I got, thanks!


2022-12-12 19:02

manager   ~0012922

There IS a PDF version of the user guide in the installation of OpenFOAM in doc/Guides/
If you cannot find it, it is also here:

The Up/Down arrows are far more standard for scrolling on the Internet. I have supported those on the website.
With Left/Right going to the next and previous page, there is consistency and "symmetry".

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