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0003932OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2022-11-18 09:21
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Summary0003932: Faulty implementation of pressure gradient force in Lagrangian Particle Tracking
DescriptionThe pressure gradient force under src/lagrangian/parcel/submodels/Momentum/ParticleForces/PressureGradient/PressureGradientForce.C is implemented as m*rho_c/rho*(Du/Dt). However, the pressure gradient force is given by V_p*grad(p), where V_p is the particle volume. The model currently implemented only holds if the viscosity of the carrier phase is negligible. Thus, I think that that force should be re-implemented. I am not sure how to contribute code, but I could submit a patch or a pull request.
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2022-11-14 13:54

manager   ~0012873

How do you propose to calculate V_p*grad(p) for the particle given that the pressure distribution around the particle is not solved for? Do you have a paper which provides details and validation of alternative methods to calculate the particle pressure gradient force?


2022-11-18 09:21

manager   ~0012875

Insufficient information provided.

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