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0003849OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2022-06-17 17:12
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Summary0003849: 1024^3 grid can not be created by blockMesh
DescriptionI tried to create 1024 cell all three direction totally order of 1 billion cell but I couldn't get it.

    hex (0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7) (1024 1024 1024) simpleGrading (1 1 1)

I tried this on hpc system which has 510 gb memory. Output of blockMesh can be found in attachment.

I tried to get same mesh on my computer (64gb memory) by Pointwise v18.1R2 and I could create mesh. Pointwise create 150gb polyMesh files for this mesh. So it is not memory issue.

When I tried to use polyMesh files which created by Pointwise I came a cross error might be same problem in blockMesh it exceed the integer limit. Number of faces exceed the limit of integer.

--> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR: (openfoam-2012)
incorrect first token, expected <int> or '(', found on line 10: double 3.21494e+09

I guess when OpenFOAM was written no one think about face number can exceed integer limit ))
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2022-06-17 14:49


slurm-585989.out (1,866 bytes)


2022-06-17 17:11

manager   ~0012627

To create a mesh with that many cells you will need to compile OpenFOAM-9 or dev with 64bit labels.

> I guess when OpenFOAM was written no one think about face number can exceed integer limit

I did and added 64bit label support as an option.


2022-06-17 17:12

manager   ~0012628

User error.

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