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0003844OpenFOAMBugpublic2022-06-01 10:03
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PlatformHPC-ClusterOSCentOSOS Versionunknown
Product Version9 
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Summary0003844: Using frozenPointsZone in a displacementLaplacian decouples cellDisplacement from true position
DescriptionWhen running a moving mesh simulation with a displacementLaplacian solver, the usage of a frozenPointsZone decouples the cellDisplacement variable from the true cell position.

Check the attached picture: In the left part of the domain, the points are fixed, but the variable cellDisplacement shows a deformation.
Steps To Reproduce- Unpack zip-file
- Run moveMesh
- Visualize cellDisplacement. it should be zero for x<0.4999

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2022-05-30 15:22


o9_frozenPoints.png (64,612 bytes)
o9_frozenPoints.png (64,612 bytes) (99,067 bytes)


2022-05-30 15:33

manager   ~0012606

We are moving away from the inefficient and often ineffective Laplacian-based solvers in favour of transformation interpolative methods based on distance between the objects and surfaces. We don't currently have funding to further develop the displacementLaplacian motion solver but if you can secure funding to work on it please contact us directly.


2022-06-01 10:02

manager   ~0012624

Pending funding

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