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0003839OpenFOAMContributionpublic2022-05-14 21:14
Reportercgoessni Assigned Tohenry  
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PlatformUnixOSOpenBSDOS Version(please specify)
Summary0003839: OpenFOAM on OpenBSD
DescriptionI got OpenFOAM compiling and running on OpenBSD. Is there any interest to include some of the patches which makes OpenFOAM running on that OS into the official OpenFOAM project? If yes, I would try to collect them here.
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2022-05-14 18:04

manager   ~0012581

Currently we have no funding to maintain OpenFOAM on OpenBSD, nor have any of the project sponsors expressed any interest in this. Will you be providing maintenance funding for the port?


2022-05-14 18:19

reporter   ~0012582

I can provide the inital patch set for you to apply, and test if it negatively interacts with the currently supported platforms (which I would not expect). I would also try to get OpenFOAM accepted as a package for OpenBSD. If there is no interest from your side, then please close this issue.


2022-05-14 19:16

manager   ~0012583

It is not clear if there will be maintenance funding for this port, you will need to clarify which organisations are interested enough to provide funding.

What is the advantage of running OpenFOAM on OpenBSD over GNU/Linux?


2022-05-14 19:23

reporter   ~0012584

It is just a private interest of myself, nothing more. I wanted to see if I can make OpenFOAM compile on OpenBSD, and yes, it compiles and runs. If you want to include the work into OpenFOAM, I can provide the patches ready to apply, and if not, then sorry for the noise and please close this issue.

The advantage of running software on more platforms (both hardware and software) is that this potentially catches bugs and makes software more portable and potentially robust.


2022-05-14 21:14

manager   ~0012585

It is not clear what kind of bugs might be caught running on OpenBSD rather than GNU/Linux, after all OpenFOAM is not system software and does not interact directly with the kernel. We use the POSIX interface and given the number of users of GNU/Linux vs OpenBSD there are more likely to be bugs in the OpenBSD POSIX functions and it is not our business to be debugging OpenBSD.

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