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0003835OpenFOAMBugpublic2022-05-06 00:29
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Summary0003835: error in thermal equilibrium temperature calculation with chtMultiRegion for two solids
DescriptionConsider two equal solid blocks, one hot and the other cold, brought into contact in an adiabatic container.
After a while, thermal equilibrium is established in the container as a result of heat transfer.
The 1st law of T.D. requires that the amount of energy lost by the hot solid be equal to the amount of energy gained by the cold one.
When the thermal equilibrium is reached the temperature of the two solids is equal to the average of the initial temperatures,
e.g. if Tsolid1ini=300 [K] and Tsolid2ini=700 [K], than Tequilibrium=(300+700)/2 [K]=500 [K].

I attached a simple chtMR case as described before.
If Tsolid1ini=300 [K] and Tsolid2ini=700 [K], than calculated Tequilibrium=502 [K];
while if Tsolid1ini=700 [K] and Tsolid2ini=300 [K], than calculated Tequilibrium=498 [K];
the greater the temperature difference, the greater the error.

I tried to change some value in controlDict, fvShceme and fvSolution, but the error persists,
so finally I decided to report the case as an issue.

I am really not able to find a solution, please help.
Steps To Reproducechange solids temperature in thermalEquilibrium-dev/constant/initialConditions and look at the results, or view log.chtMultiRegion, or plot probes
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2022-05-05 16:44


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2022-05-05 16:58

manager   ~0012575

We will need funding to work on your case.


2022-05-06 00:29

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User support request.

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