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0003834OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2022-05-02 15:41
ReportercgoessniAssigned Tohenry 
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Platformamd64OSCentOSOS Version7 + gcc 9.3.0
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Summary0003834: dynamicMeshDict: topoChanger meshToMesh ignored by decomposePar / reconstructPar
DescriptionThe new topoChanger meshToMesh is ignored by decomposePar and reconstructPar. Thus, decomposition of the domain requires multiple manual steps, e.g. for the tutorial movingCone

foamJob -wait -append -a blockMesh -dict blockMeshDict.2
foamJob -wait -append decomposePar -force
mkdir processors$nProcess/constant/meshToMesh_0.0015
mv processors$nProcess/constant/polyMesh processors$nProcess/constant/meshToMesh_0.0015
mv processors$nProcess processorsD1
foamJob -wait -append -a blockMesh -dict blockMeshDict.3
foamJob -wait -append decomposePar
mkdir processors$nProcess/constant/meshToMesh_0.003
mv processors$nProcess/constant/polyMesh processors$nProcess/constant/meshToMesh_0.003
mv processors$nProcess processorsD2

foamJob -wait -append -a blockMesh -dict blockMeshDict.1
foamJob -wait -append decomposePar

cp -r processorsD1/constant/meshToMesh_0.0015 processors$nProcess/constant
cp -r processorsD2/constant/meshToMesh_0.003 processors$nProcess/constant

Is it planned to integrate decomposition of the intermediate meshes into decomposePar/reconstructPar?
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2022-05-02 14:27

manager   ~0012570

> Is it planned to integrate decomposition of the intermediate meshes into decomposePar/reconstructPar?

Are you planning to fund this development?


2022-05-02 15:07

reporter   ~0012571

We won't be able to provide funding at this time, sorry.


2022-05-02 15:41

manager   ~0012572

Pending funding.

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