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0003761OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-12-07 21:35
Reportercgoessni Assigned Tohenry  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformamd64OSDebianOS Versionstable
Summary0003761: XiEngineFoam does not write to disk with adjustTimeStep yes and positive startTime
DescriptionXiEngineFoam does not write output folders if adjustTimeStep is set to yes and if the start time is positive.

I suspect that runTime.write() does not account for the CA => s conversion when checking if a file name exists.
Steps To Reproducesee attached setup which is taken from $FOAM_TUTORIALS/combustion/XiEngineFoam/kivaTest, start time positive and adjustTimeStep true
Additional InformationThis issue is not reproducible in -dev. Is it still possible to backport a fix?
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2021-12-07 20:29


kivaTest.tgz (1,351,572 bytes)


2021-12-07 21:02

manager   ~0012295

I have completely rewritten the handling of engine time in OpenFOAM-dev so not it is not possible to back-port it to OpenFOAM-9 but you could rename OpenFOAM-dev to OpenFOAM-9 if you need all of those changes.


2021-12-07 21:12

reporter   ~0012298

This problem is also resolved in OpenFOAM-9 with the patch that I just posted for 0003762.

Thanks for your quick reply and the re-write. I will try it once OpenFOAM 10 is released.


2021-12-07 21:23

manager   ~0012301

It would make sense for you to use OpenFOAM-dev as the new handling of engine time is MUCH better.


2021-12-07 21:35

manager   ~0012302

Resolved by commit 15b2a2f42cdfce7c79b974e9be24a3320a6ef790
There is no issue is OpenFOAM-dev

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