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0003756OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-11-25 10:09
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Summary0003756: Pstream Compilation Fails
DescriptionBuilding OpenFOAM v5.0 using Allwmake script in $WM_PROJECT_DIR gives following error when trying to compile Pstream library:

touch: cannot touch '/gpfs/home/t/ttjrjw2/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-5.0/platforms/linux64IccDPInt32OptSYSTEMOPENMPI/src/Pstream/mpi/using:openmpi-system': No such file or directory

The full output from src/Pstream/Allwmake is attached. As far as I can tell the actual compilation completes successfully, it is just the touch command that is failing. I am using Intel compilers version 2019.5.281 and OpenMPI version 4.1.1. I've not encountered this issue on any previous OpenFOAM builds, however this is on a different, newer machine and is my first attempt using Intel compilers.

I noticed some other issues reported here with similar issues (0003303 and 0002204), but as far as I could see the proposed fixes didn't work for me.

Based on the previously reported issues, here are the outputs from a few commands:

[ttjrjw2@login01(sulis) OpenFOAM-5.0]$ pwd

[ttjrjw2@login01(sulis) OpenFOAM-5.0]$ pwd -P

[ttjrjw2@login01(sulis) OpenFOAM-5.0]$ echo $WM_PROJECT_DIR

[ttjrjw2@login01(sulis) OpenFOAM-5.0]$ realpath $WM_PROJECT_DIR

Commenting out the touch command in src/Pstream/Allwmake allows the compilation to proceed, but I imagine it is there for a reason.
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2021-11-24 16:27


output.log (6,358 bytes)


2021-11-24 16:45

manager   ~0012273

OpenFOAM-5 is not being maintained to compile with recent compilers, you will need to either upgrade to OpenFOAM-9 and use the last version of the old compiler or upgrade to OpenFOAM-dev and use the new OneAPI compiler:

commit 37108ec2ee6421d8e2c3f971ed62455681225be6
Author: Henry Weller <>
Date: Tue Jul 20 16:51:09 2021 +0100

    wmake: Added support for the new OneAPI Intel compiler
    The icx and icpx Intel compilers are selected by
    These compilers are based on the Clang front-end and hence the configuration
    files are based on and nearly identical to those for Clang.
    Support for the new OneAPI compilers replaces the now deprecated Intel icc, icpc


2021-11-24 16:46

manager   ~0012274

Or you could use gcc instead of the Intel compilers.


2021-11-25 09:52

reporter   ~0012276

Okay, unfortunately the gcc version on the machine is too new, I run into issues with the linker (see issue 0000685).

If I managed to get an earlier version of the intel compilers installed, will I be able to continue with the build? Updating to a newer version of OpenFOAM would require a significant re-write of some of my solvers.


2021-11-25 10:09

manager   ~0012277

User support request for outdated version of OpenFOAM.

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