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Summary0003751: The value of omegaVis used in omegaWallFunction is different from the suggested value from F. R. Menter.
DescriptionThe value of omegaVis used in omegaWallFunction is as follows:

const scalar omegaVis = 6*nuw[facei]/(beta1_*sqr(y[facei]))

while the value suggested from F. R. Menter (Two-equation eddy-viscosity turbulence models for engineering applications) is ten times of it.

Is there something wrong?
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2021-11-03 15:30

manager   ~0012266

> Is there something wrong?


There are lots of papers describing the kOmegaSST model and the corresponding BCs and they are all have different functions and coefficients and omegaVis is one of them. Feel free to change it to correspond to whatever publication you think is closest to your particular requirements.


2021-11-04 02:28

reporter   ~0012267

I understand, thank you for your reply.

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