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0003730OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-09-26 21:59
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Summary0003730: foamVersion constructs the wrong path
DescriptionOn Ubuntu, OpenFOAM is typically installed in /opt/ directory.
However, when you invoke the foamVersion function on bash with an argument, it tries to construct a path to that version but the path is wrong, e.g:

$ foamVersion 8
bash: /opt/OpenFOAM-8/etc/bashrc: No such file or directory
Changed to OpenFOAM-8

notice that the path should be: /opt/openfoam8/etc/bashrc
Moreover, if you try to run invoke foamVersion again after it fails you will get:

foamVersion: command not found


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2021-09-17 15:33

manager   ~0012194

foamVersion wasn't designed for /opt installations and never tested for that purpose. Can you propose a version which works for the current purpose and also suits your requirements?


2021-09-17 18:48

reporter   ~0012195

Should the following version be sufficient?

foamVersion ()
    if [ "$1" ]; then
        . $WM_PROJECT_DIR/etc/;
        . ${WM_PROJECT_DIR//[0-9]*/$1}/etc/bashrc; # replace the previous version number with the argument
        cd $WM_PROJECT_DIR;
        echo "Changed to OpenFOAM-$1" 1>&2;
        echo "OpenFOAM-$WM_PROJECT_VERSION" 1>&2;


2021-09-17 19:21

manager   ~0012196

While that will work for you it won't work for anyone with an OpenFOAM installation built from sources, i.e. anyone with an installation for which the current foamVersion was created.


2021-09-17 19:43

reporter   ~0012197

Should we check if the path is valid before sourcing its bashrc file?


2021-09-26 21:59

manager   ~0012203

Pending a patch which does not break the current designed behaviour.

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