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0003698OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-07-26 15:12
Reporterhypercorei11Assigned Tochris 
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Summary0003698: FoamCleanPolyMesh command not found.
DescriptionfoamCleanPolyMesh command not found.
Steps To ReproduceKubuntu v21
Fresh install of Ubuntu version 21 and openFoam version 9.
Issue terminal command as defined in the summary and receive a command not found response.

Inspected the openFoam directories and found that the binary for that command is not present.
I downloaded the application again and reinstalled and found the same condition.

Additional Information
MyFix: copy the binary from an openFoam version 8 to the openfoam version 9 directory.
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2021-07-26 08:38

manager   ~0012102

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foamCleanPolyMesh is not a binary it is a script which has been superseded by foamCleanCase

If you specifically want to remove only the polyMesh directory you can now use 'rm -r' because the polyMesh directory contains only generated files.


2021-07-26 09:09

manager   ~0012103

It is also not generally necessary to delete the contents of the polyMesh directory other than to "clean" a case - which foamCleanCase does.
That is because when blockMesh is run, it deletes the contents of the polyMesh directory itself, prior to writing the mesh.
Whether the mesh is generated with blockMesh itself, or snappyHexMesh, it always begins with running blockMesh which deletes the contents.


2021-07-26 14:14

reporter   ~0012107

While I stand corrected in referring to the source of the command as a binary, I cannot help wondering why if you removed the command from this release you didn't reflect the change in the openFoam version 9 user guide. Which I consulted before submitting this bug report. Sometimes doing something halfway is worse than not doing it at all.

Might I suggest that before responding to users and such a condescending way that you've read your in documentation.


2021-07-26 15:10

administrator   ~0012109

Responses to issues are not solely for the reporter's benefit but for other members of the public who might come across them at any time in the future.
The point made about foamCleanPolyMesh being a script was to prevent confusion generally about portability.
We don't want (other) members of the public expecting to copy a binary file from one version to another and expecting it to run.
My comments were also to inform the general public why foamCleanPolyMesh is redundant.
We don't want it to be part of a workflow when it is not needed.
The update to the user guide slipped through the net, but it is being corrected.

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