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0003694OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-07-11 22:12
Reporterkpish20Assigned Tohenry 
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu OS Version20.04 LTS
Product Version8 
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Summary0003694: snappyHexMesh ver 8 breaks my Geometry
DescriptionProblem: Meshing with snappyHexMesh ver 8 cuts off the inlet patch and a portion of the inlet pipe of this geometry and eventually removes them. This happens during the castellation stage itself.

snappyHexMesh ver 7 runs fine on the same geometry with the same settings.
Steps To ReproducePlease unpack and run the ./ on the attached case using OpenFOAM versions 7 and 8.
Additional InformationPlease see the attached pictures.
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2021-07-11 11:22


mixingTank.tar.gz (20,290 bytes)
CastellatedMesh_v8.png (125,787 bytes)
CastellatedMesh_v8.png (125,787 bytes)
CastellatedMesh_v7.png (129,545 bytes)
CastellatedMesh_v7.png (129,545 bytes)


2021-07-11 11:40

manager   ~0012081

Have you tried different settings? Different levels of refinement in the inlet pipe for example?


2021-07-11 20:26

reporter   ~0012082

Thanks for your kind reply. I first tried with different volume refinement settings on the top pipe, that didn't work. Then changed the max. surface refinement to one more level and that did the trick:

    level (1 2);

Perhaps the new version is more sensitive to this aspect. This results in a few more cells but I'm fine with it. I don't think we need to look at the issue any further, so you may please close the thread.

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