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0003686OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-06-11 16:11
Reporterfabio1068Assigned Tohenry 
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PlatformWindows 10 WSLOSUbuntuOS Version18.04 LTS
Product Version8 
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Summary0003686: SnappyHexMesh castellation leads to poor snapped mesh quality
DescriptionSometimes the castellation process leaves some "baffle boundary faces" that prevent the following smoothing and snapping process to produce good quality mesh.
In attachment you find some Paraview screenshots of the mesh after castellation, smoothing and snapping steps, with the troubling faces highlighted in red.
I used the planingHullW3 tutorial with a slightly modified SnappyHexMeshDict (more refined feature edges) to reproduce the issue.

I think those faces should not belong to the "hull" boundary, but be normal internal faces instead.
Steps To Reproduce- Copy the OpenFOAM-8/tutorials/multiphase/interFoam/RAS/planingHullW3/ tutorial folder
- Substitute the snappyHexMeshDict.2 dictionary with the one in attachment
- Run Allmesh.2

- Run ParaFoam to see the mesh (look at the bottom edge of the transom, in the aft part of the boat). If the bug is reproduced, it should look like the ones in attachment
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2021-06-11 15:30


99_snapped_.png (145,282 bytes)
99_snapped_.png (145,282 bytes)
log.snappyHexMesh (115,374 bytes)
snappyHexMeshDict.2 (8,637 bytes)
22_castellated_.png (141,611 bytes)
22_castellated_.png (141,611 bytes)
23_smoothed_.png (205,757 bytes)
23_smoothed_.png (205,757 bytes)


2021-06-11 15:46

manager   ~0012063

Can you provide a patch to snappyHexMesh to resolve this problem or funding for a core OpenFOAM developer to work on it for you?


2021-06-11 16:00

reporter   ~0012064

I think I am not skilled enough in programming to fix this bug and at the moment I am not able to fund a developer to do it (maybe one day I will be).
But I thought it was good to report it anyway.


2021-06-11 16:11

manager   ~0012065

I would expect this issue to be very difficult and time-consuming to resolve, someone will have to pay for the work.


2021-06-11 16:11

manager   ~0012066

Pending funding

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