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0003633OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-02-24 14:32
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Summary0003633: Maybe an error in documentation?

Can you check whether in the documentation:
in "5.5 Useful tensor identities", the last identity:
(nabla x a) x a = a dot (nabla a) - nabla (a dot a)
is correctly written because in two other places I saw that there is some 1/2, which might be next to the second term on the right hand side of the equation?

Best regards,
Stefan Bošković
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Stefan Boskovic

2021-02-22 12:11

reporter   ~0011892

Also, when I used that identity, I got the results which might be two times greater than expected (maybe because of the missing 1/2).


2021-02-22 12:57

manager   ~0011893

> in two other places I saw that there is some 1/2

In which places? Can you provide a reference?

Stefan Boskovic

2021-02-22 18:32

reporter   ~0011894

Equation (4.63) in:
but I'm not sure how correct is the list of equations because it seams to me that the author wrote as if:
(u dot nabla) v = u dot nabla v
which might not be correct.

In text below equation (4.9) in:


2021-02-23 18:51

manager   ~0011895

Thanks, that is correct. The 1/2 was missing.
A correction is uploaded but it can take around 24 hours for file caches to update.
I will note the update once that happens.


2021-02-24 14:32

manager   ~0011896

It is updated - you may need to clear cache.


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