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0003631OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-02-17 15:19
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Summary0003631: Damping fvOptions, selectionMode not working?
DescriptionI was reading through the recent changes to fvOptions and happened to notice that while the damping fvOptions are derived from cellSetOption and supposedly can act only on a certain selection, they don't seem to contain any code handling the situation where not all cells are chosen. For example, there is no forAll(cells(), ... loop like in some other fvOptions derived from cellSetOption.

To double check, I took the wave tutorial and made a cellSet with 0 cells and pointed the damping to that set, but it did not change the results compared to "selectionMode all".

I have not personally used these options and I'm not sure what would be the best fix. A simple fix might be to modify the add-functions to only operate on cells within the cells()-list.

Other misc notes:

Documentation for addSup-fuctions refer to momentum equation, although these are for enthalpy equation
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2021-02-17 12:25

reporter   ~0011887

To add: by damping fvOptions I'm referring to is

and the wave tutorial is


2021-02-17 12:41

manager   ~0011888

The simplest fix would be to not derive from cellSetOption.


2021-02-17 12:48

reporter   ~0011889

Yes, that is true. I would also guess that by using suitable non-uniform scale, it should be possible to emulate localized damping.


2021-02-17 15:19

manager   ~0011890

Resolved by commit a24e8e463ad0703b695295da9f4b222a9cc0d21b

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