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0003627OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-02-12 11:08
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Summary0003627: Default value of C1 in Prince & Blanch model is wrong
DescriptionThe default value for C1 in applications/solvers/multiphase/multiphaseEulerFoam/phaseSystems/populationBalanceModel/coalescenceModels/PrinceBlanch/PrinceBlanch.C is 0.356. However, the default value in the header file is said to be 0.089. Looking at the Prince & Blanch (1990) paper, the value should be 0.089.

In the two tutorial cases which use the Prince & Blanch model (wallBoilingPolydisperse and wallBoilingPolydisperseTwoGroups), the value for C1 is set to 0.1, such that the default value is not used.
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2021-02-12 10:05

reporter   ~0011877

Thanks for reporting. It is only the code documentation that is wrong. Equation 2 in the paper contains an error. It should use the diameter rather than the radius for computing the collision cross-section. This error extends to equation 8, where the coefficient that is also referred to in the header is off by a factor of 4.

The documentation is updated in the attached patch, the implementation should be correct. The tutorials are ok too by extension.


2021-02-12 11:08

manager   ~0011878

Thanks for the patch, Ronald. Resolved in dev by:

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