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0003622OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-02-04 17:06
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Summary0003622: Variable caluclation fails for divisions
DescriptionCalculating variables using the #calc statement fails for divisions, if the slash operator is not separated by spaces.

a 1;
b 2;
c #calc "$a / $b"; // works
d #calc "$a+$b"; // works
e #calc "$a/$b"; // does NOT work

The last statement to compute variable e leads to a declaration error: ‘$a’ was not declared in this scope
Since the last statement was still valid in OpenFOAM-6, I assume (but am not sure) that the issue might stem from this new feature:
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2021-02-04 17:05

manager   ~0011843

I have updated the documentation for #calc:


    Uses dynamic compilation to provide calculating functionality
    for entering dictionary entries.


    a 1.0;
    b 3;
    c #calc "$a*$b";

    Note the explicit trailing 0 ('1.0') to force a to be read (and written)
    as a floating point number.

    Special care is required for calc entries that include a division since
    "/" is also used as the scoping operator to identify keywords in
    sub-dictionaries. For example, "$a/b" expects a keyword "b" within a
    sub-dictionary named "a". A division can be correctly executed by using a
    space between a variables and "/", e.g.

    c #calc "$a / $b";

    or "()" scoping around the variable, e.g.

    c #calc "($a)/$b";


2021-02-04 17:06

manager   ~0011844

Resolved by commit 2d9c05f8cb5d52a35dc7068c5d268d8b995d9f95

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