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0003616OpenFOAMBugpublic2021-01-29 09:03
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Summary0003616: Heat and Mass Transfer issue when stationaryPhaseModel is used in multiphaseEulerFoam,basicMultiphaseSystem solves mass transfer
DescriptionThis is related to the issue reported here:

This is a major issue in computing multiphase heat and mass transfer when there is no motion.

Issue 1: To give you a background, I am trying to simulate heat transfer between solid, liquid, and gas phases and mass transfer between the liquid and the gas phases for a stationary case. Initially, I set the solid phase to pureStationaryPhaseModel as all the phases have zero velocity (all the case files can be found in the attached HT_MT case directory). Now, if we change the solid phase to purePhaseModel, the phases heat up very quickly in less than 1 s. I know that the solver will solve for additional mass and momentum equations for the solid phase but the physics of heat and mass transfer should not change as the velocities for the three phases are still zero.

Issue 2: Now, if I only want to simulate heat transfer (and NOT mass transfer) between the three phases, I switch to basicMultiphaseSystem (all the case files can be found in the attached onlyHT case directory) and remove all the entries of diffusiveMassTransfer from the phaseProperties file. However, mass transfer still happens as the volume-averaged volume fraction of the liquid decreases with time. From my understanding, mass transfer should not happen when basicMultiphaseSystem is used. 
Steps To ReproduceTo reproduce issue 1, following are the commands:
cd HT_MT

To compare the cases when solid is defined as non-stationary but with zero velocity, go to HT_MT/constant/phaseProperties, change pureStationaryPhaseModel to purePhaseModel for the solid phase, and use the commands listed above.

To reproduce issue 2, following are the commands:
cd onlyHT
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2021-01-21 19:56

reporter (50,292 bytes)


2021-01-22 10:28

manager   ~0011823

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OK, this case runs. We are making progress.
The problem now is that it takes 12hs+ to reach the first time dump. Imagine trying to use this case to figure out what is wrong with the code. Change something in the code. Wait a day for it to run. Change something else. Wait another day. See the problem? Figuring out the issue, if there is one, could take weeks.

Please create a smaller case that can be run, ideally in a matter of seconds, that demonstrates the problem. The case is basically just a big cylinder. Perhaps a 1D column with the same top and bottom boundaries would demonstrate the same behaviour?


2021-01-22 10:31

manager   ~0011824

Also, issue #2 is not a demonstration of mass transfer. multiphaseEulerFoam is only conservative at convergence, so the change in mass probably just means that your simulation isn't sufficiently converged.


2021-01-23 21:56

reporter   ~0011825


Please find the attached file. I made a 2D case.
Thank you for all your time and help.

Viraj (58,000 bytes)


2021-01-26 11:16

manager   ~0011827

When I switch the solid to `purePhaseModel` as instructed then the case crashes before any output is generated. Did you not even run your own "steps to reproduce"?. Also, the unmodified case still takes 20 minutes. Why is it 2D and not 1D as I suggested?

Upload something which works and is quick to run (< 5minutes), or I will close the report.


2021-01-27 20:25

reporter   ~0011828

Hello Will,

I thought that a 2D case will represent the physics of the problem more accurately.
Attached is a 1D case. I have checked the simulations and they work correctly.

Best Regards
Viraj (28,643 bytes)


2021-01-29 09:03

manager   ~0011829

It still doesn't run in 8 or dev. Your coded boundary conditions are looking up non-existent fields again. Closing.

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