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0003586OpenFOAMBugpublic2020-11-04 08:44
Reportermichael.mueller-wrd Assigned Tohenry  
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Summary0003586: chtMultiRegionFoam: output of wallHeatFlux function object deviates during runtime and as postProcess
DescriptionIn a chtMultiRegionFoam case, I noticed deviations in the output wallHeatFlux function object when (a) executed during runtime as entry in controlDict and when (b) executing the postprocessing command after the run finished.
While the difference for the fluid region is rather small, the differences for solid regions is rather large.
I would assume, there should be no difference at all.

This behaviour may also be reproduced with tutorial cases.
Steps To ReproduceFor "heatedDuct" tutorial:
1. add function object to controlDict:
        type wallHeatFlux;
        libs ( "" );
        writeControl writeTime;
        region heater;
        type wallHeatFlux;
        libs ( "" );
        writeControl writeTime;
        region metal;
        type wallHeatFlux;
        libs ( "" );
        writeControl writeTime;
        region fluid;

2. run case

3. postprocess data after run is finished:
$> chtMultiRegionFoam -postProcess -region fluid -func wallHeatFlux -latestTime
$> chtMultiRegionFoam -postProcess -region metal -func wallHeatFlux -latestTime
$> chtMultiRegionFoam -postProcess -region heater -func wallHeatFlux -latestTime

4. compare output:
$> diff postProcessing/fluid/wallHeatFlux/0/wallHeatFlux.dat postProcessing/fluid/wallHeatFlux_fluid/0/wallHeatFlux.dat
$> diff postProcessing/heater/wallHeatFlux/0/wallHeatFlux.dat postProcessing/heater/wallHeatFlux_heater/0/wallHeatFlux.dat
$> diff postProcessing/metal/wallHeatFlux/0/wallHeatFlux.dat postProcessing/metal/wallHeatFlux_metal/0/wallHeatFlux.dat
Additional InformationYou have been working on this function object recently, in the dev version.
Unfortunately, I could not yet find the time to check this issue with the latest dev version -- maybe it's already fixed with recent changes!?
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2020-11-02 10:16

manager   ~0011652

Last edited: 2020-11-02 10:17

> Unfortunately, I could not yet find the time to check this issue with the latest dev version -- maybe it's already fixed with recent changes!?

Yes it is likely that the changes in OpenFOAM-dev have resolved this issue, let us know when you have tested it.


2020-11-04 08:37

reporter   ~0011659

Yes, I can confirm that it is already resolved in the latest dev version.

And the refined header of the output is very helpful, too.


2020-11-04 08:44

manager   ~0011660

Already fixed in OpenFOAM-dev

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