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0003576OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2020-10-16 22:01
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Summary0003576: Allow WM_MPLIB to be set externally
DescriptionWe are developing a wrapper around OpenFOAM that ideally our users would not need to make any local edits to OpenFOAM's etc/bashrc file to get to compile with our SYSTEMMPI (instead of the current default of SYSTEMOPENMPI). We would prefer that users obtain a clean clone of OpenFOAM-dev with custom environment variables set in ~/.bashrc.

I would like to propose a simple modification that allows WM_MPLIB to be set outside of `OpenFOAM-dev/etc/bashrc` if not already set:




if [[ -z "${WM_MPLIB}" ]]
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2020-10-16 20:51

manager   ~0011623

We have had a lot of problem with this kind of logic in the past and have removed it in preference for setting the environment variables in local files, e.g. ~/.OpenFOAM/dev/

If you type

foamEtcFile -list

you will see the list of locations the files are read from, at least one of them should suit your purpose.


2020-10-16 21:56

reporter   ~0011625

That meets my needs perfectly, thanks so much!

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