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0003557OpenFOAMBugpublic2020-09-25 16:36
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PlatformLinuxOSOpenSuSE TumbleweedOS Version20200622
Product Version8 
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Summary0003557: Omitting space characters in #calc dictionary entry leads to incomprehensible error
DescriptionWhen omitting the space characters in a #calc dictionary entry (for example "2*$testVar/0.13" instead of "2 * $testVar / 0.13") leads to the error message 'error: ‘$testVar’ was not declared in this scope' although the variable testVar has been declared in the line above.

Formulas without space characters used to work in OpenFoam 7 but do not work anymore in OpenFoam 8 and OpenFoam-dev (dev-a972b208ee71).
Steps To Reproduce- Include the following two lines in the blockMeshDict of any case, for example the pipeCyclic tutorial:
testVar 0.5;
testVar2 #calc "2*$testVar/0.13";

- run blockMesh in OpenFoam 8
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2020-09-25 13:41

manager   ~0011525

That is correct, you will need to space the operators or use '()'s around the variables to define the boundaries of the variable name.

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