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0003551OpenFOAMBugpublic2020-09-21 16:43
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Summary0003551: Problem with dynamic (sine - positive/negative) boundary condition on curved / orthogonal patches
DescriptionI am trying to simulate sinusoidal inlet boundary condition (both flow in and out of
a domain based on cycle time) using codedfixedValue using pimpleFoam . I think there exists some continuity/non orthogonality error at the inlet specifically only on curved patches for structured meshes but also in curved/straight patches for unstructed meshes.
Steps To ReproduceThe problem can be clearly observed by running 4 test cases attached in the BUG_SUBMISSION.7z case

1) channel_structured_step_sine
straight channel case with flow in and out of domain from the inlet demonstrating no problem with orthogonal patches and structured mesh

2) channel_structured_curved_inlet_stepsine_flow_into_domain
straight channel with a curved inlet, where flow is sinusoidal but only moves in the domain and doesnot move out. No problem observed here.

3) channel_structured_curved_inlet_stepsine
straight channel with a curved inlet, where flow is set to move out of the domain. Unphysical pressure values observed at the inlet ( needs some non-orthogonal correction
at the inlet ?) and eventually flow moving back into the domain. There exists a problem in this case!!

4) channel_unstructured_stepsine
straight channel with flow moving in and out of the domain, but this unstructured mesh. This time eventhough negative velocity is set at the inlet, positive velocity is
calculated at the cells attached to the inlet.
Additional InformationI think some non-orthogonal correction is required at the inlet for the pressure field for flow moving out of the domain.
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2020-09-20 04:12


channel_structured_curved_inlet_stepsine.7z (975,505 bytes)


2020-09-20 04:13


channel_structured_curved_inlet_stepsine_flow_into_domain.7z (427,218 bytes)
channel_structured_step_sine.7z (122,507 bytes)
channel_unstructured_stepsine.7z (1,768,103 bytes)

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