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0003545OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2020-09-08 15:24
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PlatformlinuxOSubuntuOS Version16.04
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Summary0003545: Solvers are missing and its corresponding examples are also missing in tutorials
DescriptionMany solvers like sonicFoam ,sonicLiquidFoam,etc are not there in compressible folder. this missing in both
 tutorials folder (/opt/openfoam8/tutorials/compressible) and solver folder (/opt/openfoam8/application/compressible) . As solver is not there , so sonicFoam does not run even if I download thr tutorial folder from repository.
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2020-09-07 20:44



2020-09-07 22:12

manager   ~0011497

That is correct, they are no longer needed as rhoPimpleFoam support sonicFoam and sonicLiquidFoam functionality.

commit 3341f925108a759f58f06ce2fd865321af6dd6ca
Author: Henry Weller <>
Date: Wed Jun 6 11:07:45 2018 +0100

    sonicFoam, sonicDyMFoam, sonicLiquidFoam: Functionality merged into rhoPimpleFoam
    The sonicFoam, sonicDyMFoam and sonicLiquidFoam functionality has been merged
    into the transonic option of the latest rhoPimpleFoam solver and the
    corresponding tutorials moved into the rhoPimpleFoam tutorials directory.
    To run rhoPimpleFoam in transonic mode set the transonic option in the
    PIMPLE sub-dictionary of fvSolution:
        transonic yes;

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