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0003493OpenFOAMBugpublic2020-05-11 13:46
ReportershildenbrandAssigned Tohenry 
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PlatformHP Workstation Z640OSDebianOS Version9.5
Product Versiondev 
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Summary0003493: Reconstructing a collated case with dynamic mesh refinement fails
DescriptionDecomposition works fine as well as running the case.
When I try to reconstruct I get an error message

cannot find file <CASE>"/processor0/1e-05/polyMesh/pointProcAddressing"


    From function static Foam::autoPtr<Foam::ISstream> Foam::fileOperations::masterUncollatedFileOperation::read(Foam::IOobject&, Foam::label, bool, const fileNameList&, const boolList&)
    in file global/fileOperations/masterUncollatedFileOperation/masterUncollatedFileOperation.C at line 584.

FOAM exiting
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2020-05-11 12:19

manager   ~0011334

Have you reconstructed the mesh before you reconstructed the fields?

Could you provide the steps to reproduce the problem? Can you reproduce it with one of the tutorial cases?


2020-05-11 12:29

reporter   ~0011335

No, I didn't issue reconstructParMesh before.
With this, everything works.
Sorry for the erroneous report.


2020-05-11 13:46

manager   ~0011336

User error

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