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0003491OpenFOAMContributionpublic2020-05-08 11:55
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Summary0003491: Compilation with some Errors
DescriptionHello All

I couldn't wait for the packaged version of OpenFOAM for ubuntu-20.04. Is there already a certain date, when this package will be available?
Compilation from source generated some errors, which I judge as minor relevant, since everything seems to work as expected. I anyway added the log from the compilation. I would also suggest to update the compilation procedure on The one found in gives a slightly more detailed step-by-step workflow:

Let me know, whether I can help with further information or contribute anything else.
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2020-05-06 11:32



2020-05-06 14:14

updater   ~0011332

From what I can quickly see in the log files, only CGAL is failing to compile, likely due to some detail between the CGAL version that Ubuntu 20.04 brings and the version that OpenFOAM was tested with... either that and/or because of the GCC version.

It also seemed like the readers for ParaView didn't build, either due to CMake version or due to ParaView not having been built yet?

Either way, you can run Allwmake with the -k option so that it ignores errors and proceed building the remaining binaries, e.g.:

   ./Allwmake -j 4 -k > log2.make 2>&1

I'll also try to build it on Ubuntu 20.04 sometime this week... I'm curious and I am still using 16.04...


2020-05-08 11:55

manager   ~0011333

Resolved in 7 and dev by the following commits

CGAL (and Boost) is now being used header-only, which requires version 4.9 or above. If that's not available on a system it will need downloading and unpacking into ThirdParty, and the version number in the CGAL setup file changing accordingly. Fortunately, because it's now header-only, that's all you have to do. There's no library to build.

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