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0003471OpenFOAMBugpublic2020-11-21 19:55
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Summary0003471: Bugs to calculate the thickness of liquid sheet in LISAAtomization
DescriptionThe codes in LISAAtomization.C#L148
hSheet = volFlowRate/(constant::mathematical::pi*delta*Urel);
It is obviously to demonstrate the calculation of thickness of liquid sheet, hSheet. volFlowRate is the volume rate [m3/s]. delta is the radial distance from the center line (injector direction) to the mid-line of the sheet (umbrella rib). Urel is the velocity of parcel.
Should not it be calculated by the following sentence?
hSheet = volFlowRate/(constant::mathematical::twoPi*delta*Urel);
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2020-03-26 14:47


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2020-03-26_182131.png (14,233 bytes)


2020-04-16 12:30

manager   ~0011293

I agree with your analysis, but to be confident enough to release the proposed change I need some way of testing it, and some evidence to suggest that it is beneficial. We don't have a tutorial that uses this functionality and there isn't even a usage description in the header. Given that, and with reports stating that the implementation is incorrect, I would be more inclined to remove this model than to patch it.

Do you have a case which uses this model, and which demonstrates the need for your proposed change?


2020-11-21 19:55

manager   ~0011708

Pending test case.

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