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Summary0003467: Addition of viscoelasticFluidFoam solver
DescriptionHello everyone,

For a project I needed viscoelasticFluidFoam to work so I patched it from ext4.1 to the current dev tree. All seems to be working fine so far and I can run solutions on it now.
Corrected the solver, transportmodels and all tutorials (except 1 blockmesh that i still have to work on) to properly compile and run without errors in dev.

Info can be found in my github with the development branch.

I would like to do a pull request in the end when I've updated master and finished a succesfull branch merge but would like feedback before I do so.

Also a question about what to do with the headers in the files and how to attribute the work to the original authors?

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2020-03-17 12:03

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Viscoelasticity in OpenFOAM does not need a special solver, it is handled within the TurbulenceModels framework as a special laminar sub-set so that it can be used in any single-phase, multiphase, incompressible or compressible solver. Currently Maxwell, Giesekus and PTT models are supported in both single mode and multi-mode operation and other models can easily be added.

See tutorials:

Tom van den Brink

2020-03-17 15:51

reporter   ~0011252

Dear Henry,

thank you for pointing this out. Sorry I hadn't noticed this improvement was there already. In any case it was an interesting exercise in C++ debugging.
I will first compare the results to see if they are identical and then try implementing some other models.
Would that be of interest to contribute in the end?


2020-03-17 16:19

manager   ~0011253

Which other models are needed for which fluids?


2020-03-17 20:28

manager   ~0011254

Viscoelasticity is already supported in a more general manner in OpenFOAM.

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