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0003446OpenFOAMContributionpublic2020-02-07 20:44
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Summary0003446: Function object for calculation wall heat transfer coefficient based on constant reference temperature
DescriptionDear all,
I have implemented a new field functionObject called "myWallHeatTransferCoeff". In contrast to the exisiting wallHeatTransferCoeff object, it calculates the wall heat transfer coefficient not from Reynolds analogy but from the wall heat flux, the wall temperature and a constant reference temperature:

            h = \frac{q}{T_{ref} - T_W}

I used the "wallHeatFlux" functionObject as template for implementation. Please merge with existent wallHeatTransferCoeff object or implement as new functionObject.
Thanks, DaveD
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2020-02-07 12:07


myWallHeatTransferCoeff.C (8,241 bytes)
myWallHeatTransferCoeff.H (5,224 bytes)


2020-02-07 14:30

manager   ~0011148

It is not clear under what conditions this would be useful and is not well defined when the temperature is equal to the reference temperature. This may be useful for your current needs but it is not something we would want to include, maintain and support in OpenFOAM releases unless there is general interest in this functionality. I will close this report for now and users that are interested in testing this functionality can download and try the code you have provided and if we receive sufficient interest from sponsors of OpenFOAM we will plan a more general integrated implementation.

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