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0003444OpenFOAMFeaturepublic2020-02-09 18:58
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Summary0003444: Identification of the porous region in powerLawLopesdaCosta porosity model
DescriptionThe standard porosity models implemented in OpenFOAM, e.g DarcyForchheimer and powerLaw, identify the regions in the computational domain where the body force term has to be added using the cellZone supplied by the user. This offers a very convenient way to prescribe the porous regions in the domain.

But, in the newly added "powerLawLopesdaCosta porosity model", instead of utilizing user-prescribed cellZones, the model explicitly identifies the cells in the porous region using a convoluted process (using information from surface files representing the top and bottom regions of the porous region, and generating cellZone while running the model).

I'm not sure why this length process has been pursued for the powerLawLopesdaCosta porosity model, but there should be an option to simply use cellZones to prescribe the porous regions.
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2020-02-07 06:37

reporter   ~0011140

Maybe, there's an option to not create a new cellZone if there's already an existing one (created by the user manually, corresponding to the else branch of if (zoneId == -1), but it still requires surface files corresponding to the top and bottom of the porous regions to run the model.


2020-02-07 06:42

reporter   ~0011141

Is the lengthy process only to allow the porosity surface area per unit volume parameter (Sigma) to be a function of height?


2020-02-07 08:42

manager   ~0011143

The handling of the porous region in the powerLawLopesdaCosta was specified in detail by the company funding the implementation. We could extend this model to handle alternative porosity specification if you would be interested in funding the work.


2020-02-09 18:58

manager   ~0011165

Pending funding.

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