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Summary0003394: Reitz & Diwakar coefficients
DescriptionThe original paper (attached) defined the stripping breakage cutoff value as We/ sqrt(Re) while the code is implemented as We * sqrt(Re). In addition it seems that the stripping breakup time should be multiplied by 0.5 (line 118) in order to be cosnistent with the authors as they used the radiuos instead of the droplet diamater. I might be missing
something but any insight would be appreciated.
Steps To Reproducesrc/lagrangian/spray/submodels/BreakupModel/ReitzDiwakar/ReitzDiwakar.C file should be checked in lines 106 and 118
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2019-11-21 12:58


DiwakarCoeffs.pdf (1,916,220 bytes)


2019-11-21 16:28

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The code has the condition as "We > 0.5*sqrt(Re)". The paper has "We/sqrt(Re) > 0.5". They are the same.

I think line 118 should have "(d^3)/8" rather than "d". It's "r^3" in the paper, and it's not dimensionally consistent as it is.

Do you agree?


2019-11-21 20:26

reporter   ~0010934

About the We condition you are right , my bad.

The other line d^(3/2) is obtained by d * sqrt(d). The original papers seems to set Cb to pi and Cs to 20 but these parameters assimilate the constant values by Cb_ = (Cb/4) = 0.785 and Cs_ = (Cs /2) = 10 which are the constants already under use. Sorry, you can close the issue.


2019-11-26 08:53

manager   ~0010939

Yes, you are right. I didn't spot the "d" outside the square root. It's all OK then.

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