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0003381OpenFOAMPatchpublic2019-12-28 17:41
Reporterhandrake0724 Assigned Tohenry  
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Summary0003381: additional function1 functions
DescriptionIn addition to current Function1s,
I think it is nice to have frequently used functions such as exponential, squared cosine/sine.
I have made a code.
please review if it is useful.
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2019-11-10 13:55


function1s.tar.gz (3,256 bytes)


2019-11-10 14:21

manager   ~0010872

Have you based this implementation on the latest Function1 functions? In order that these functions are generally useful integrate in needed, also it is better that scaling is applied externally to support this, see the latest Sine implementation.

commit dcf4d0c505255c0516ce85c14648aaaf0be9a444
Author: Will Bainbridge <>
Date: Thu Oct 17 19:11:05 2019 +0100

    Function1: Implemented integral evaluations
    Integral evaluations have been implemented for all the ramp function1-s,
    as well as the sine and square wave. Bounds handling has also been added
    to the integration of table-type functions.
    In addition, the sine wave "t0" paramater has been renamed "start" for
    consistency with the ramp functions.


2019-11-10 16:27

reporter   ~0010873

I did not catch up the recent changes. I will check it.


2019-11-10 17:00

reporter   ~0010874

code based on the latest of OpenFOAM-dev is attached.
please review.
function1s-dev.tar.gz (3,525 bytes)


2019-11-10 17:24

manager   ~0010875

Do you have a particular use-case for these functions? It might be useful to include them in a tutorial.
We have not needed them and they have never been requested.


2019-11-12 11:40

manager   ~0010887

If there is a need for a lot more Function1 forms, particularly is combinations of functions are needed other than simple multiplication perhaps it would be better to implement a codedFunction1 like codedFixedValueFvPatchField.


2019-11-20 11:46

manager   ~0010923

Orphaned report.

Please re-open if these additional functions are still required and provide example cases which can be used as tutorials to demonstrate and test the implementation.
Alternatively if other more general functions or combination of functions are required it would be better to implement a codedFunction1.

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