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Summary0003368: Correct enthalpy transport even when specie specific heats are a function of temperature
DescriptionThis is a continuation of bug report "0003363: Solved unphysical temperature fields in multi-species gas tranport solver". Through the commit 54f379f668485bd2af0d05518c6a9eb5e20ca5a9, the unphysical temperature fields issue in reactingFoam solver was overcome. This is Lewis Number = 1 formulation. In the bug report mentioned above, I had said that this rectification will work only as long as specie specific heats are not a function of temperature. "Will" didn't agree with my argument and had asked for a case to justify my argument. I was not able to come up with a OpenFOAM case, but here I have attached the necessary files to test the effect mathematically.

In conclusion, I was wrong and Will was right. The current implementation in reactingFoam solver gives correct enthalpy transport even when specie specific heats are a function of temperature.

Math Expressions.pdf
- Discusses the expressions in Exact form and the form implemented in OpenFOAM

- A one dimensional domain of length = 1 m. Two gases Hydrogen and Air. The mass fraction of Hydrogen varies linearly from 0 at x=0 to 1 at x=1. For Air it varies from 1 at x=0 to 0 at x=1.
- Temperature varies linearly from 275 K at x=0 to 2000K at x=1.

- Cp_Hydrogen and Cp_Air constant with temperature
- Result: CpiConstWithTemperature.png
- Cp_Hydrogen and Cp_Air varies with temperature (polynomial function).
- Result: CpiVaryWithTemperature.png
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Math Expressions.pdf (518,029 bytes) (1,454 bytes) (2,733 bytes)


2019-10-23 14:28

manager   ~0010847

Great. Thanks for confirming that it works with variable specific heats.

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