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Summary0003359: feature of fluid structure interaction class using rigidBodyDynamics
Descriptionsimulating in VIM or towing stability test, it would be nice to have a fluid structure interaction (FSI) class such that hydro dynamic forces and moments move the bodies and domain also.
morphing mesh like rigidBodyMeshMotion would do similar service but when it comes to relatively large rotation, morphing mesh does not work well.
Instead, domain motion approach is preferred in my field.

OpenFOAM provides domain motion approach by solidBodyMotionSolver but it is only supporting forced motion.
So it would be nice for OpenFOAM to provide such feature. To this end, I implemented a FSI class utilizing rigidBodyDynamics class.

the FSI class is started with solidBodyMotionSolver and forces functionObject is introduced instead of solidBodyMotionFunction object in order to calculate hydro dynamic forces and moments acting on bodies.

I have made two test cases of oscillating cylinder: one is using solidBodyMotionSolver to see if BCs and solutions are working. the other is using the FSI classes.
solidBodyMotionSolver test case is working well.
FSI case looks working for the first cycle. but pressure field blows up suddenly when the cylinder recovers from its maximum amplitude.

I have checked pimple's inner and outer iterations and time step effects but without success.
For a test, I have inserted solidBodyMotionFunction pointer to the FSI class and make mesh updated with solidBodyMotionFunction instead of hydrodynamic loads.
in that case, it is working.

I don't have clear clue about this issue.
It would be grateful if you review the code and give your idea about the issue.
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2019-10-02 18:33

manager   ~0010793

This work is likely to be time-consuming and will require funding to provide the support.


2019-10-05 22:58

manager   ~0010800

User support request.

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