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Summary0003347: functionObject calculating wave elevation
DescriptionIn need of logging wave elevation in two-phase simulation, I made a functionObject for it.
this functionObject is based on sampledSets functionObject. Also, I studied surfaceElevation functionObject in waves2Foam.

it would be useful if this functionObject be available in the next release.
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2019-09-11 09:31


waveElevationFunctionObject.tar.gz (4,756 bytes)


2019-09-11 09:43

manager   ~0010731

How does this differ from the interfaceHeight functionObject we already provide?


    This function object reports the height of the interface above a set of
    locations. For each location, it writes the vertical distance of the
    interface above both the location and the lowest boundary. It also writes
    the point on the interface from which these heights are computed. It uses
    an integral approach, so if there are multiple interfaces above or below a
    location then this method will generate average values.

    Example of function object specification:
        type interfaceHeight;
        libs ("");
        alpha alpha.water;
        locations ((0 0 0) (10 0 0) (20 0 0));

        Property | Description | Required | Default value
        type | type name | yes |
        alpha | name of the alpha field | no | alpha
        locations | list of locations to report the height at | yes |
        liquid | is the alpha field that of the liquid | no | true



2019-09-11 12:09

reporter   ~0010732

thank you for the information. I didn't catch up with the changes in functionObjects and it is good to know there is one.
interfaceHeight is simpler and easy to use than mine.
If I had known earlier, I would not have spent time for it.
Anyway, thank for letting me know that again.

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