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0003346OpenFOAMBugpublic2019-09-11 07:58
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PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS Version1806
Product Version7 
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Summary0003346: foamGet function
foamGet function gets most of the files, but i faced issue with files: fvOptions, fvSolution and fvSchemes. These files it says it cannot get. but when i manually search in the directory where it points at, i can find the files there.

foamGet is a really great tool!!!!.. i love it..

Additional InformationThe command i ran
$foamGet fvOptions

output was:
Error: no file fvOptions found (with or without file extensions)

Usage: foamGet [OPTIONS] <file>
  -case | -c <dir> specify case directory (default = local dir)
  -ext | -e <ext> specify file extension, e.g -e cfg for files with ".cfg"
  -help | -h print the usage
  -no-ext | -n specify file without extension
  -target | -t <dir> specify target directory (default = system)

Finds an example OpenFOAM case dictionary file in /opt/openfoam7/etc/caseDicts and
copies it into the respective case directory, e.g.

  foamGet decomposeParDict
  foamGet extrudeMeshDict
  foamGet createPatchDict
  foamGet surfaces

But the file was there

$ cd /opt/openfoam7/etc/caseDicts
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2019-09-10 13:52

manager   ~0010719

I do not see an fvOptions file in etc/caseDicts, there is a directory, not a file; likewise for fvSolution. For fvSchemes I do not see a directory or file in etc/caseDicts.


2019-09-11 07:42

reporter   ~0010726

could you please add the "templates" folder also in the search path?, so that the other library files (like the ones i mentioned) can also be included in the foamGet.


2019-09-11 07:44

reporter   ~0010727

those files which i need is there in those templates folder. and i think it will improve the usage of foamGet if we add "templates" folder too to it


2019-09-11 07:58

manager   ~0010728

The purpose of foamGet is to get generic files rather than case or solver specific files. In order to get suitable solver specific files more options would need to be added to foamGet and a directory of the many many possible files which would be a huge maintenance overhead. This would require funding.

In order to get the files in the "templates" directory use foamCloneCase.

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