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0003309OpenFOAMBugpublic2019-07-19 11:52
Reporteralish1984 Assigned Towill  
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Summary0003309: Lagrangian fields cloud scattering coefficient is always zero
DescriptionIt seems that when using "cloudScatter" as a scatterModel in radiation modelling, sigmaEff (the scattering of particles) is always zero.
The reason:
In ThermoParcelI.H where this cloudScatter is computed in sigmap() function:
tsigmap is declared and its value is set to zero. Then in the last line before "return" we have:
sigmap *= sumAreaP*(1.0 - f)*(1.0 - epsilon)/V/dt;

So it is always zero, because it is multiplied by zero. I don't know why multiplication has been used. I think it should be simply:
sigmap = sumAreaP*(1.0 - f)*(1.0 - epsilon)/V/dt;
Honestly, I did not reproduce the bug in OF6 because I don't have the code compiled so I can not simply print the field (currently I am using 2.4.x.). However, the bug is the same in all versions, because the same line of the code has been used in the new versions.

Am I correct or I understood it wrongly? You can test it by simply printing the variable while running the tutorial "simplifiedSiwek". I did it for 2.4.x.
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2019-07-19 11:52

manager   ~0010615

You are correct, the implementation is wrong. Thanks for letting us know. Fixed in dev by

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