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0003305OpenFOAMBugpublic2019-07-15 14:40
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Summary0003305: Problem with TomiyamaLiftForce in Lagrangian module
DescriptionIn the calculation procedure for TomiyamaLiftForce, Eotvos number is used in pow operation (see src/lagrangian/intermediate/submodels/Kinematic/ParticleForces/Lift/TomiyamaLift/TomiyamaLiftForce.C)
But Eotvos number can be negative due to its definition (see src/lagrangian/intermediate/parcels/Templates/KinematicParcel/KinematicParcelI.H):
return mag(g & dir)*(rho - rhoc)*sqr(d)/max(sigma, rootVSmall);
Here, (rho - rhoc) becomes negative if particle density is less than rhoc.
Steps To ReproduceRun DPMFoam with TomiyamaLiftForce enabled and particle density set less than fluid density.
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