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Summary0003286: cyclicRepeatAMI produces obviously wrong transformation for vector field
DescriptionI created a simple test case for a turbomachinery application. It includes mapping between a sector mesh and a full 360deg mesh. I wanted to use cyclicRepeatAMI for this mapping.

First, I ran potentialFoam and examined the resulting velocity field. I expected a distribution, which is inward-pointing everywhere (the inlet is the outer patch of the wedge and the inner surface of the cylinder is the outlet). Instead, the result is an odd-looking distribution which is not symmetric.

I suspect that something is wrong with the determination of the transformations.
Steps To Reproduce1. unpack attached archive
2. run potentialFoam
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2019-06-03 08:31


Auswahl_208.png (160,104 bytes)
Auswahl_208.png (160,104 bytes)
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cyclicRepeatAMI can only couple geometrically similar patches, i.e., a 30-degree sector to another 30-degree sector, as in the incompressible/pimpleFoam/RAS/impeller tutorial. It can't couple a 30-degree sector to a 360-degree sector. It is not a general mixing plane.

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