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Summary0003221: The capability of component residualControl should be added to OpenFOAM
DescriptionHi All,
I‘m doing a 2D axis symmetry case which is need to use wedge mesh. The circumferential velocity(z direction) which I don't care about is calculated and it is hard to be convergent. Therefore, I wanna set different "residualControl" on velocity field "U", for example,

        p 1e-3;
        //U 1e-5;
        Ux 1e-5;
        Uy 1e-5;
        Uz 1e-2;
        "(k|epsilon)" 1e-3;

However, I found there was no the capability of component "residualControl", it seemed like that there is no "residualControl" set on "U" when I changed the "U" to the "Ux, Uy, Uz", though it didn't show any error or warning when I did this change.
Any reply will be great appreciated! Thanks!
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2019-05-09 09:31

manager   ~0010455

This would be possible to do, but it would be significant work. In addition, it raises further questions regarding per-component control; should we also have per-component relaxation factors, solver tolerances, etc...

This issue has been posted on the OpenFOAM Hub, and the responses from individuals and organisations currently funding maintenance work indicates that they do not consider this to be a priority.

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