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0003196OpenFOAMBugpublic2019-03-15 14:16
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Summary0003196: waveSuperpostion raises FATAL error when Umean is defined by function1
DescriptionIf Umean is not constant but ramped with function1, the code raises FATAL ERROR: Not implemented

The error is raised in waveSuperposition::transformation, where Umean_->integrate(0,t) is called (line 68)
Steps To ReproduceIn $FOAM_TUTORIALS/multiphase/interFoam/laminar/wave/constant/waveProperties, change
Umean (2 0 0);
    value (2 0 0);
    type scale;
         type quarterSineRamp;
        start 0;
        duration 5;

and run setWaves
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2019-03-15 14:16

manager   ~0010376

Integrals are not defined for a number of functions. I've improved the error message to make this clear. Implementing the integrals is a feature request, and would require funding. See

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