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0003145OpenFOAMBugpublic2019-01-04 14:57
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Summary0003145: ACMI with linear mesh motion and deforming mesh not working with the displacementLaplacian motion solver
DescriptionThis issue is closely related to issue "0002057: ACMI incompatible with velocityComponentLaplacian" but in this one the motion solver is displacementLaplacian. When running a case with linear mesh motion and deforming mesh (e.g. a two-stroke engine), the mesh gets mangled and finally the solver crashes.

Attached is a simple and coarse test case for ACMI with deforming mesh and linear mesh motion with displacementLaplacian motion solver. Running the case with the pimpleFoam solver should illustrate the issue. In addition, the attached video points out the issue with the mesh.
Steps To Reproduce1. Untar the test case package.
2. Run the case with the pimpleFoam solver.
3. Check the results and especially the mesh deformation in the sliding interface area.
Additional InformationThe issue is related to issues ID 0003144 and 0002057
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2018-12-31 11:53


motionDisplacementLaplacian.tgz (204,347 bytes)


2018-12-31 12:03

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Work on AMI and ACMI requires funding, see


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The case is missing a cellDIsplacement field. See

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